June 3rd, 2020

Online SAKE Tasting Session and Online SAKE Meeting STARTED!!

We Started to hold “Online SAKE Tasting Session and Online SAKE Meeting” for our existent and potential customers!!


Many of SAKE importers and distributors all over the world find it difficult to visit JAPAN and to join SAKE events after COVID-19 crisis.

It would be a great opportunity to re-consider your SAKE lineups and the partnership of oversea logistics. Also, it has to be a chance to enhance your SAKE tasting skills or knowledge.

In addition, it must be a precious opportunity to construct the your SAKE business scheme for some of you who have been thinking to start SAKE business in your countries during this situation.


We are going to support you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Such persons as


●being suffering from tangles paper works for your oversea logistics

●wanting to reduce unnecessary cost for importing your SAKEs

●not being satisfied with your current SAKE lineups

●wanting to enhance the knowledge for your SAKE selections

●dreaming to start SAKE business in your countries

●thinking to start some SAKE events (online/offline)


Let’s get over this crisis and grow your SAKE business together!!